Thursday, September 17, 2009

collecting: watering cans

My collection of watering cans ebbs and flows.  I have had as many as 2 dozen, but I am currently down to about 1/2 dozen gems.  Like my melamine bowl collection, these objects are humble and untilitarian, which seems to be a general theme for many of my collections.  No fancy stuff for this girl, just good, durable, everyday stuff. 
I use most of my watering cans, but a couple have made it into display only status right now.
The gold plastic one with the swirly center and unbelievably long and graceful spout is my absolute favorite.
It seems so ridiculously over the top for a plastic watering can and has such great sculptural quality.   Coming in a close second is another wonderfully sculptural can-this time in black metal.  These two have been officially retired from garden duty and have earned a spot on my front porch as objects d'art.  
These two sweeties also live on my front porch, but are still called into service to water houseplants.
The tiny one in the front still has the .20 price sticker on the bottom!
This is my workhorse.  I water my outside pots everyday with this tulip adorned plastic can. 
Galvanized water cans are a popular collectible with many people, and I have had my share over the years.  Somehow, all of mine have all either been gifted or sold, and my collection has settled into a plastic majority. 
But, whether they are plastic or metal, water cans can be both useful in their original intent and as decorative objects.  They can grace a shelf on a porch, hang on a potting shed wall or make lovely bouquet holders for a garden brunch. 


  1. This was a collection I was unaware of! Groovy!

  2. Oh my! A very fun collection, Christine!