Wednesday, September 9, 2009

work in progress

My backyard has a corner that, when we moved in, was a tumbling mass of overgrown weeds and vines.  After clearing it out, I was stumped as to what to plant and how I wanted it to look.  To give me a bit of structure and define the space, I put up a couple of sections of rusty iron crib to make a fence, then placed a double washtub in front of it.  Because I was planting the front of the house with a definite color scheme, and wanted to keep it rather manicured, I decided to just let this back corner go a little crazy.  I started planting all those tall, showy, cottage-y flowers that just didn't fit into the front beds design.  I also used it as a holding grounds for plants that I wanted to grow a bit or ones that were experimental (do i like this or not?), and as a cutting garden.  I keep stuffing more plants in there, and I still have a couple of gaps and odd spots that need more love, but it's so nice looking out the kitchen window to that big burst of color in the back corner.
I have this gorgeous hollyhock blooming this year, and it's hidden way back in the corner behind some asters.
It looks great twisting and turning with my black-eyed susan vine.
I'll have to move it to a more prominent spot next year......gardens are always a work in progress.

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  1. Have I said I love your blog ... and everything you post! I've been bogged down with chores and projects and haven't posted anything on my blog for days ... but look at you! You do it all! And BTW, your cutting garden is a dream. I've always wanted one ... maybe next year???