Saturday, October 3, 2009

6 years

Tomorrow, October 4th, is our 6th wedding anniversary.  Every year we say to each other that we should get married all over again because it was such a great party.  We got married on a beautiful, sunny October day on the front steps of our farm.  Unlike many weddings, this was not a big fussy affair.  We wanted it to be small, low key, and most of all, fun for everyone there.  I think that we were both undecided up until about a week before the ceremony as to what we were going to wear.  We ended up wearing vintage Pendleton jackets, and I wore red cowboy boots. 

We had family and friends with us for the whole weekend, and everyone pitched in to get the food ready and the yard decorated.  My family stayed in cabins nearby, and the night before the wedding, everyone was sent home with a big pot of potatoes to boil so we would have enough for potato salad. 

A big maple tree out front was adorned with vintage paper decorations to welcome guests as they arrived.

My sister and mother were put to work raiding my stash in the barn for serving tables and extra chairs, and everything was casually presented outside.

Naturally, we had wedding pies instead of wedding cake.  I made 14 pies in the days leading up to the wedding-maple walnut, apple cranberry, pumpkin and chocolate bourbon pecan.
After everyone had their fill of food and pie, the music and dancing began with a bluegrass band on the front porch.  It was a chilly evening, but we lit a bonfire and stayed warm by dancing the night away.


  1. Happy Anniversary to the cutest and coolest couple I know. Love you both.
    Cara :)

  2. happy anniversary to a wonderful couple:)