Thursday, October 1, 2009

collecting:leaf and acorn ceramics

The weather has taken a definite turn toward fall now, and this has amped up my autumn decorating.  I've been digging through my storage bins and pulling out some of my favorites.  I have collected a number of these seasonal ceramic pieces over the years.  It began with this bowl on a stand that I got from my grandmother.

She let me choose something of hers that I really wanted, and I chose this piece.   It was not of particular value, but I loved the leaves and acorns motif, and I cherished it because it was a reminder of her.  It inspired me to pick up more pieces in the same pattern, and soon, I had another collection. 

Many years later, after my grandmother was no longer living, my mother casually mentioned that my grandmother had never like that bowl.  Grandma apparently thought it was quite ugly, but it had been a gift from her sister, so she had always kept it on display.  It was no wonder she was so agreeable to passing it on to me.  Nevertheless, I still really love these pieces (but I am generally a lover of kitschy or cheesy collectibles) and they still bring back memories of my grandma every time I pull them out for another season.

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  1. With no disrespect intended toward your Grandma: Holy Crap! I love these! XO, elbe