Monday, October 19, 2009

quick DIY's

To finish up bedroom makeover week, I have a few quick takeaways.

#1 bare overhead bulb transformed into funky ceiling light fixture

Our bedroom had the typical old house, small, ceiling mount light fixture and bare bulb set up.  I'm sure it originally had a cool glass hanging shade, but that was long gone by the time we moved in. To avoid having to pull down the old fixture and mount a new one, I came up with a quick update.  I had a few funky 50's light shades hanging around in the garage.  Using white plant chain and eye hooks attached to the lip of the fixture, I hung the shade upside down around the ceiling fixture.  This effectively camouflages the boring fixture and adds some ooomph to the room. 

#2 use a quilt or coverlet for a bedskirt.

I typically am not a fan of bedskirts, but they seem to be a necessary thing in dressing a bed well.  I've found that tailored bedskirts are difficult to find or are often only found in pricey bedding lines, so for a ruffle free, straight lined bedskirt, I often rely upon bedding that I already have.  In the case of our bedroom makeover, I was thrilled to find out that one of my favorite quilts was the perfect size for draping the boxspring.  It pairs well with the colors and themes in the room and lets me use a favorite piece in a new way.

Vintage chenille spreads are generally the perfect size for bedskirts(they tend to run big), and often have a  fringe edge that adds some fun to your bed ensemble.

#3 raid your jewelry stash for home accesories

I have a large collection of costume jewelry and often find myself delving into it for any number of purposes.
For our bedroom makeover, I swiped a couple of beaded necklaces to use as curtain tiebacks.

Also, to give my quilt bedskirt that last bit of tailoring (without sewing!), I used two gold tone brooches (they needn't match!) to secure a pleat on the corners (assymetrical pleat is ok-it's cool!).

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