Wednesday, November 4, 2009

basement remodel: DIY

Just a quick DIY tip from our basement remodel.

#1 painter's tarp curtain

Painter's tarps offer quick, easy and inexpensive solutions for a variety of projects.  They are available in a couple of different sizes at most hardware or home stores.  Here I used them to divide my new basement into "rooms".  Simply cut to the desired size and attach clip-on curtain rings.  I left the hem rough, but you can hem them if you prefer.  Screw-in hooks were mounted to the ceiling beams, then I slipped a bamboo garden stake into the hooks, and slid the curtain rings onto the bamboo pole.

One divides my studio space from the storage area.....

and one offers some privacy for the new bathroom.

You could employ this trick for any room in the house (think hiding a home office in a guest room), or you could use them in lieu of more formal curtains.

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