Sunday, November 8, 2009


Sunday is my favorite day of the week.  Even though we were out a bit late last night, I still woke up early and smiled at the thought of having a whole Sunday stretched out in front of me.  We have coffee and listen to the radio every morning, but somehow, that same ritual has an entirely different feeling on Sunday.   It just seems that nothing ever has to be rushed on Sunday.  I often do laundry, bake or simmer a pot of soup all day.  Steve and I have also started a recent tradition of taking a long walk through a different neighborhood every Sunday.  We stroll and look at houses, and offer our opinions on how to add more curb appeal to the ones that need it (would it be rude or helpful to leave notes in their mailboxes regarding color and planting suggestions?).  Tonight, I have the candles lit and Louis Armstrong playing while I putter around the kitchen working on some new recipes.  I'll be sure to share a few this week.

Happy, happy, Sunday!

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