Monday, December 14, 2009

collecting: christmas elves

Sprites, fairies, nymphs, gnomes, elves-under any name, I find them irresistable.  On any given day, a dozen or so of them can be found peeking out from various spots in my home, but at Christmas time they come out in droves.  (what is a group of elves called?  a pack, a herd, perhaps a twinkle?)  They are cute and mischevious, and I love having them about.  My grandmother always had a few hidden around her home during the holidays, and I loved discovering the elves that my parents perched on pictures, light fixtures and deer antlers when I was a child.  At that time, I really thought that they mysteriously appeared overnight (they also moved around from time to time!), so to me, these little guys and gals embody the magical spirit of the season.

Most of the Christmas elves that I collect were made in Japan in the late 50's into the 60's.  They have felt fabric bodies and plastic faces, and most of them are "knee huggers", meaning their legs tuck up under their folded arms so they can easily perch just about anywhere. 
These two cuties are guarding the fruit basket in our pantry.

They're also quite bendable and moldable, so you just never know where they might be hanging out.

These elves can be readily found at vintage stores, estate sales and your parents' basement, so tuck a few around your home, and indulge in a little whimsy this holiday season.

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