Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday is PIE DAY!

My dear friend Lisa came to visit this week.  She arrived from Virginia just in time for our first blizzard of the year, and I thought that devotion such as that deserved a waiting slice of pie and coffee.  We have a history of making custard pies when we are together, especially when I visit her, because they have fresh eggs at their farm.  This time, I decided to change it up a bit.  I have been on an orange zest kick all week -perhaps it's the pleasure of that burst of fresh citrus taste when it's cold and snowy outside-so I added a good dose of it (one medium orange's worth) to my classic custard pie filling.  After pouring the filling into the pie shell, I topped it all of with a pint of fresh raspberries.  It was a delightful treat, and I'm going to help myself to the last slice right now, and wish that Lisa were still here to share it with me.



  1. YUM! What a tasty treat, Christine!

  2. Soooo good! I think I may make one tonight and try to utilize some good clementines we have here.
    Jason saw this post and said, "that's a nice looking pie!" I said he should have tasted it. and he said "no, I mean that pie" - meaning your cute pic just to the right. Hee hee :)
    PS Loooove your Christmas aprons!