Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

Another new year and fresh start has arrived,
and I have been engaged in my usual "out with the old, in the new" rituals.
I know that many people don't like to make resolutions,
but I prefer to call them goals, and use them as guidelines for the new year,
rather than must do's.

I have set a few goals for Pies and Aprons this year:
1. post every weekday and once a weekend.
ambitious, I know, but I love this part of my day...
I just hope you'll be easy on me if I do miss a day here and there.
2. continue to grow my readership every month.
this is a goal that you can assist with....
if you are a fan, please pass my link on to others-
spread the word!
3. try at least one new pie recipe a month
and then share the results with you all, of course.

This month, I hope to continue to inspire with lots of home organizing tips, winter comfort food recipes, and as always, pie on Friday.  Please feel free to comment (or e-mail me privately if you prefer) with your own ideas, tips and stories.   I am positively giddy about this new year on
Pies and Aprons, and look forward to sharing it with all of you. 

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