Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Home Workspace Organizing: Part 2

After changing up my office space, I ended up with piles of stuff in the studio, and had to do a bit of freshening up there as well.  The space where I do more cerebral tasks needs to be uncluttered and serene, but the studio space is where I can let it all hang out.  Creativity is sparked and nurtured by bold color, shelves full of supplies, and a myriad of my favorite objects.  However, this wild abandon still needs to be corraled and controlled with good organization and storage.

My big work table is roomy enough to keep some supplies close at hand, while still leaving plenty of empty project space  In addition, a variety of storage units and shelving hold lots of goodies. 
Old toolboxes, big and small, are great for holding jars full of odds and ends.

I have had this drawer unit crafted out of cheese boxes for almost 20 years.
It is one of my most cherished pieces, and it only cost $9 at a flea market!
As a focal point on my work table, it holds glue, rubber stamps, extra office supplies and other notions.

If you can't find any similar vintage pieces, plastic storage bins from the hardware aisle
are also great for holding lots of smalls.

Clear glass vessels, like this fish bowl, keep ribbon trailings in control,
and make sure that I use up all of my extras.

Shelves are kept clutter free with more wooden cheese boxes, metal file boxes, and old sewing boxes

These retro orange laundy baskets were only $2 each-wish I had bought a whole stack of them.
They are the perfect size to slide onto a shelf and load up.

It's easy to get overwhelmed in a space that needs to house a lot of stuff. 
With careful organizing and labelling, you can keep things in control, and have more time for projects!
Happy Organizing,

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