Sunday, January 17, 2010

Takeaway: plant dolly

Plant dollies are obviously great for plants, but you can put them to work in just about any room in your house.  They provide a handy, moveable platform for a variety of items. 

Use one as a lazy susan for serving up dishes at dinner or on a buffet.
Here it's outfitted with vintage dishes for small bites.

They are perfect for heavier objects, like books, so you can scoot them around when necessary.

Use a larger dolly filled with larger books for a portable side table.

Load one up with bud vases and candle holders to create a stunning centerpiece.
(Some flowers in these vases would be nice don't you think?  I didn't have any on hand.)

On top of a bedroom dresser, small objects, like jewelry, are contained and easily accessible on a dolly.

I picked this dolly up for 7.99 at IKEA, and the plastic one (shown as coffee table) at a thrift store.
They are readily available in a variety of materials at home stores and garden centers.


  1. I like the industrial look- I've never used these before! Thanks for the hint on where to find them!

  2. thank you for the inspiration (and sourcing info) ~ love the ikea dolly!

  3. oh-yeah Linda-they're cute, cheap and handy.
    I am sure that you, oh crafty one, will find many clever uses for them!

  4. Now those are great ideas! Thanks a bunch for the inspiration!