Wednesday, February 17, 2010

collecting and organizing: MORE costume jewelry

I just couldn't cram all of my jewelry display ideas into one post-overwhelming for all of us.
When you're looking for ways to organize your jewelry stash, take a closer look at items that you already have around your home.  Repurpose items such as serving pieces from your dining room, vases from your living room or planters from your porch. 
Bracelets are looped around the neck of a slender vase and piled into a metal basket.
Another vase is adorned with stand-out pieces.
Sparkly brooches find a home in a silver based compote.
More bracelets are sorted and kept free of tangling in vintage hoisery keepers....
.......and are corraled in chartreuse planters.
Figural planters add a little fun and hold watches...
......and rings
Raid your cabinets and borrow a few containers to dress up and re-organize your dresser top.


  1. Again, an amazing collection! I love how you re-purposed the vintage hosiery boxes!

  2. linda-those silly things are great for so many uses-i have stacks of them!