Wednesday, March 3, 2010

collecting: a peek inside my drawers

Plastic and bright hues.
Christine's collection criteria.

I love old built-ins and hutches because they have great big deep drawers that hold a lot of stuff.  I keep these plastic mugs lined up in one of our dining room buffet drawers.  These drawers hold most of my entertaining goods, and these mugs have come in wonderfully handy for serving an array of beverages. 
I'm sure that they served up egg coffee at many church basement functions.  Some of them have a dab of pink nail polish on the bottom-probably to identify the owner, or possibly to mark the winner of the door prize.  "Ok, ladies, finish up your coffee, then check the bottom of your mug to see if you've won Mildred's hand crocheted doily!"  Not a bad idea for my next party.......


  1. You really DO have the best collections!

  2. This is an exciting collection, but not as as exciting as what I thought when I first read the title of this entry - tee hee! ;) Lisa

  3. sorry to disappoint you lisa:)

  4. Now you'll have to show us your collection of Mildred's doilies!

  5. Hey Christine!! I just bought five of these cups, I love them!!! They are my fav, you are girl after my own heart! Let me know if you need more .. I will keep my eye open for you!

  6. ha-cammie-just saw this comment....
    do i look like i need more????