Thursday, March 18, 2010

collecting: Vintage Easter

Every holiday brings out a new batch of collections. 
The process of unpacking and displaying
them always brings me joy.
Vintage easter egg dye kit.
Coloring eggs for easter is one of my favorite activities.
The classic Paas dye kit is hard to beat for nostalgia,
but I'm going to experiment with some natural dyes this year.
What's your favorite way to color eggs?
I want to live in this flower festooned cottage with a yardful of chicks and a picket fence.
The bit of chick puff in the teeny tiny half egg shell is wonderfully silly.
Plastic easter rattles and candy containers, as well as candles, come in a wide variety for collecting.
This wheelbarrow wielding rabbit totes a load of my favorite vintage handmade decoupage and glitter eggs.
A pair of wind-up bunnies are unbelievably cute......
as is this posable fabric bunny with big green booties.


  1. Adorable collection! My favorites are the big egg wagon with the rabbit and I love the sweet little rabbit to the far left in pic 2!

  2. oh-that big rabbit wagon is so great-he has a really funny expression on his face. I bet that you have a few Easter gems too!