Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter egg tote

Last week, I was browsing around Home Depot looking for inspiration for an upcoming backyard project.
I didn't find much inspiration for our backyard, but I did find some for a simple Easter project. 
These wire frames-rebar chairs-grabbed my attention and brought to mind the old wire drinking glass carriers.  At 57 cents each, I grabbed a few to take home.  With Easter projects on the brain, it didn't take long to realize that the frame was just about the same size as an egg carton.  I cut the lid off of the egg carton, leaving a bit of a lip and angling the cut to match the other side. 
Next, I stitched the frame onto the egg carton using a large needle and some colorful yarn.
(does that count as sewing?!)
With some Easter grass and freshly dyed eggs, this makes an adorable  (and inexpensive!) Easter egg tote.
I am packing this week's Pies and Aprons posts with simple Easter projects, so keep hopping by,
and your Easter celebration is sure to be a hit.

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