Sunday, March 14, 2010


March has been an unusually mild month for us thus far. 
Warm temperatures have melted all but a few small piles of snow in our yard,
and the front garden is back in full view. 
Those silly sedum are peeking their heads up.....
.......and my pussywillow tree is really getting into the act.
Happy Spring!


  1. Christine, I was outside all afternoon cleaning up my yard and my chicken coop! I saw my sedum popping up as well. My it is early in this neck of the woods huh? I am sure we are just being teased but boy does it feel good to get out and soak in the sun... I hope your week goes well and look forward to your pie on Friday! Dawn

  2. SUCH gorgeous weather in MN!!

  3. i noticed my iris peeking through today ~ let the good times roll!

  4. PS that was Jasper, not me that called you before first light this morning

  5. sounds like everyone is in the mood for spring!
    sorry that I missed Jasper's call:)
    he's obviously missing his auntie bammy:)