Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Takeaway: Rubber Stamp Holder

My vintage rubber stamp holder currently holds just that-vintage rubber stamps.
I really never use the stamps, and I think the holder is really cool.  I thought that I could come up with some ways to make the holder more useful in my everyday life.
I'm anxious to start eating meals outside again (not quite warm enough yet....), and this will make a fabulous outdoor candleabra.  I placed a metal plant saucer underneath to catch drips.
I often displayed jewelry on these when I owned my vintage shop.
This one is the right size and height for keeping bracelets neat and tidy.
Serve up your afternoon coffee with some vintage flair.
A colorful tray holds everything you need-cups, sugar, creamer,
and spoons cleverly propped in the stamp holder.
For a lovely and simple centerpiece, place glass vessels and singles stems into the stamp holder.
Now that you've displaced your rubber stamps,
check out this project from Ki Nassauer of JunkRevolution!


  1. i have been using my rubber stamp holder that i got free from work for several years as a jewelry holder. fun to see ways to re-purpose it further!

  2. ahhh...nothing better than a free treasure!

  3. Love these! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  4. I can't find a link for the junk revolution mention?