Thursday, May 13, 2010

Collecting: Shell Jewelry

As it always seems to happen with me, my collections start out with a couple of items.  Before I know it, those two or three items have multiplied into twenty or thirty, or, um, maybe fifty or sixty.  Once I have an item in my brain, I seem to be preternaturally drawn to every other one in the world (or at least in my immediate circle).  Call it obsessive-compulsive. Call it having finely honed gathering skills. Call it fun.
Jewelry, as you have seen here before, is one such collection.  Shell jewelry is a sub-category of this collection.  I could probably break that down into sub categories of the sub category, but I'll spare you that.  Can you tell that it's been a busy week?  I'm getting a little loopy.
Yes. So. Back to shell jewelry.....
Some of these pieces are quite gaudy, and some are intricate examples of beautiful handiwork.  They are all lovely and wearable, and especially well-suited to the colors and fabrics and feel of summer.
By the way-I picked up this hanging pocket thing at a thrift store, and I have been looking for more ever since.  It's perfect for letting me store this collection neatly, while still being able to see it all the time.  If you ever see one, send it my way.  Although, I have a feeling that you might hang on to it and stash your own goodies in it........


  1. Such a fun collection...and I love the organizer, too!

  2. another wonderful collection ~ your organization skills are amazing!

  3. Wow Shell Jewelry - something I never thought of before but I like it. I also like your hangy pocket thing too. Good idea.

  4. oh see-now you all want a hangy pocket thing!
    I've got some stiff shopping competition now!!

  5. My Mom had a box of shells and half made jewelry that she made way before I came along. It must have been "the thing" to do...I always marveled at how tiny the shells were...I wonder what happened to that box...hmmmmm.....maybe I'll find it one day! I remember when your Mom had a shell pin(with a hermit crab inside)