Monday, June 28, 2010

DIY: Simple Centerpiece

This is a quick and easy repurposing project. With red, white or blue blooms, it makes a festive 4th of July centerpiece. You could also adapt to any occasion by selecting flowers in other hues. Start with a basic glass lampshade with a hole in the middle.
Flip it up and fit a short bowl or piece of pottery underneath it. Short flower stems are anchored in a piece of florist foam (or a floral frog) hidden in the container. Here, I used blooms of all one color and packed them in tightly to create a pom pom effect. Placed on a cake pedestal, it nearly mimics a decorated cake!


  1. Charming! It does look like a cake!

  2. How clever and pretty, Christine!

  3. Isn't it sweet? I want a whole table full now!