Monday, June 21, 2010

Rhubarb Sauce

It has been a number of years since I last made rhubarb sauce. As soon as the sugar started working it's magic on the rhubarb, the smell immediately brought me back to my childhood. I'll have to confer with my mom (or sister-are you reading this?), but it seems like we made a lot of rhubarb sauce. Either that, or I just loved it so much that the smell really lodged itself into my olfactory memory bank.

Many people seem to have never experienced this simple and tasty treat. If you've never had it, stir up a batch immediately-it's two ingredients, and doesn't take a lot of fancy technique. If you've ever made homemade applesauce (please tell me that you have!), you can make this.

Served warm over ice cream, this is an experience not to be missed. Last week, I also served it spooned onto a fruity muffin-great for dessert or breakfast-yum!

Rhubarb Sauce

more of an equation, rather than a recipe really....
-for every 3 cups of rhubarb, use 1/2 cup white sugar
(you can also experiment with your desired level of sweet/tart-ness)
-combine these in a saucepan and heat on low
-stir until the sugar begins to heat and dissolve,
-then, just leave it on low heat, stirring occasionally,
-until it is cooked down and saucy.
-questions? just ask!

*you can also add a bit of cinnamon or nutmeg, if you'd like. I prefer to just focus on the rhubarb-y goodness.......

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