Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bathroom reno: the stuff

the tile.
Our new tile is so yummy-it looks like honeycomb, and gives a lovely warm glow to the room.
S found it on line randomly, and it turns out the company is in Wisconsin-cool. These hex tiles come in a whole range of colors, so there is sure to be just the perfect one for your project. Tile floors in older homes often have a very thick layer of cement as a base, even dropping down between the floor joists. To save on time, cost and mess, we decided to lay the new tile right over the old one. We just used a thin set base and fashioned a threshold to account for the slight change in floor level. DIY-ers be warned that they are a bit challenging to install. My generous, talented brother laid them for us, and I feel like I owe him a year of treats for doing so. They cannot be cut on a wet saw because the mesh backing falls apart when you do that. Because of this, he ended up laying in single tiles in the whole last section-told you he was a dear! Grouting was fairly easy (I did that), but, even though these tiles are glazed, I ended up with a lot of haze on the tiles. A grout haze remover and a lot of scrubbing did the job though, and everything ended up looking gorgeous.

Get them at:
Hextile by Tilehaus

We used the "maize" color. They are only 11.95/SF-bargain!
You can also order 5.00 sample cards so you can check out a few colors before making a decision.

the shower curtain:
This shower curtain is a great combination of sophistication with a comfy, homey feeling. It reminds me of vintage striped tea towels, and I had my eye on it long before we started the bathroom remodel. The best part? It was only 19.95 at Walmart.

the light fixture:
I think this light fixture has the look and feel of a much more expensive model. It came from Home Depot with a price tag of 99.95, but has a great vintage look and seems really well made. I love the heavy shades that are frosted inside with clear glass around the outside. If you pick and choose carefully, big box stores do have a few light fixtures that look great once you get them out of the big box environment and into your home.

OOh-I have so much more to share about this project, but I'm off to a meeting for the Creative Connection.

Come back tomorrow for more on our bathroom remodel!


  1. I love the tile. It's probably not something I would ever think of myself, but I love it! The little pops of yellow are fantastic.

    Great shower curtain, too! Really...Walmart, eh...? Time to go shopping. :)

  2. thanks for the sourcing info ~ when we redo our bathroom a million years from now ~ great to know where to go for tile!

  3. Your bro is awesome! You definitely owe him some of your delicious pie and cookies.

    You scored some great deals on supplies - and I just realized that we have the same bathroom light fixture. Great minds think alike! I agree with you about Home Depot et al - you can find some lovely things among the other stuff.

  4. Awesome job on your bathroom... Dawn

  5. Glad y'all like it.....I still get giddy every time I walk in there.

  6. Christine~ I just love everything you've chosen for your new bathroom!! LOVE the tile!