Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DIY: pumpkin collar

Orange plastic fencing as design inspiration?
Hell, yeah!

I made these silly, crazy doodads
for the Pioneer Woman luncheon
at the Creative Connection event.
It was one of those times.
This nutty idea popped into my head.
I made one.
It looked exactly like my vision.
It doesn't always happen that way.
Especially because I had to sew these.
At any rate, I loved that this bright plastic material
turned into this soft cowl-like collar for my plant pots.
And now,
they are festive collars
for my punkins.
You're beginning to think I'm
just a little crazy,
aren't you.

But, you like it.

I'm sorry that I don't have any process photos.
I started with a 3 ft by 2 ft piece of fencing.
Next, I secured the fencing around a plastic plant pot
with a rubber band.
Using a large needle and fishing line,
I did a straight? stitch
(sewers, feel free to correct me)
along the fencing,
pulling and gathering as I went.
Tie off the end, and voila!
If I can do this, you can.
(e-mail me with questions if you'd like:)

Happy crafting!

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