Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DIY: shelf edging

I can hardly wait to give you the big reveal of the kitchen reno, but, as always, there are just a few more details that need to get done. In the meantime, here is a sneak peek of a sweet little DIY project in my pantry. In the past, I've usually had a little (or sometimes big) stash of vintage paper shelf edging. Somehow, I currently find myself without such a stash. I checked out etsy and ebay for some cute stuff, but didn't find anything that I fancied for this kitchen. With my recent surge in craftiness, I quickly decided to fashion something from materials I already had. Brown kraft paper to the rescue!
First, I measured the shelf edge, then cut a piece of kraft paper to that length.
Once I determined the amount of overhang that I wanted (in this case, 2"),
I cut three widths from my length.
(That's technical jargon:)
I cut the scallops freehand because that's how I roll,
but you could design and cut a template or use scallop scissors.
Or, you could design your very own edge!
Something even more exciting than a scallop-woo hoo!
To add just a bit of pattern, I used a simple rubber stamp along the middle of my strip.
Installed, I think it looks so simple and sweet.
It makes me happy.
Pantries make me happy.


  1. brown craft paper knows no limits (and neither does your creativity)! cuteness.

  2. likin' how you roll too elbe:)

    and katie, you're cuteness.

  3. So cute and cleaver! Way to go! I love pantrys also..