Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday is PIE DAY!

My initial plan for today was to make a savory pie,
but then it struck me, DUH, it's Halloween weekend.
Must make an appropriately festive pie.
I'm not a big fan of novelty pies, so I wanted to just give a classic a costume.
S, always the clever one, thought of making a slice of pie look like a candy corn.
I think it looks quite adorable, and, best of all, it's still a basic pumpkin pie underneath.

Here is what I did!
Start with a basic pumpkin pie. I used the recipe on the can. Yup. Easy.
It took me awhile to figure out what the yellow layer was going to be.
Pumpkin and lemon? nope.
Pumpkin and banana? ick.
Coconut with a bit of Wilton's gel coloring. perfect.
 I used about 6 drops for 1 cup of coconut,
then worked it in with my fingers to get it evenly colored.
It is easier to dress your pie one slice at a time.
Just slip a piece onto a plate and carefully add a ring of coconut on the crust edge.
Finally, a dollop of whipped cream makes the white tip!
Happy Halloween!


  1. Only you could come up with this are AMAZING!!!! Still waiting for your pie book to hit the shelves.

    Happy Halloween....

    BOO!!!......did I scare you?

    Can you tell I am next job on my list is to clean the house!

  2. don't clean the house...go out for pie instead!

    for a pie book, I would need to do lots of taste tests, and I have a feeling that both of you would be up for the job!