Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First step to an organized home.

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Have you seen enough January organizing tips to make your head spin?
Keeping clutter at bay seems to be on the top of everyones' list.

My number one tip for keeping your home free of piles?
Simply this.
Never, ever, walk up or down a flight of steps without something in your hands.
(besides a chocolate chip cookie or glass of wine)
I know it sounds weird and even a little bit stupid.
"Really", you're thinking.
"That's sort of lame."
I'm here to tell you that it is most certainly not a lame tip.
Try it.
It works.

During the day, I set things on the steps that don't belong where they're at.
Every time I truck up(or down) the steps,
 I pick something up,
and put it away when I get there.

Bending, picking up, standing-
it probably burns an extra calorie or two, right?
So, there you are.....organizing AND exercising
all in one fell swoop.
Happy January!


  1. That's a great rule. We have the stuff-on-the-steps-for-the-next-trip-upstairs but I think I'm the only one who ever actually moves anything. Everybody else steps over the piles, or trips over them in the darkness and curses loudly. :)

  2. yeah-that's the trick. you have to commit to actually moving them off the stairs or you'll end up with a worse mess and possible bruises:)

  3. Hey I do that too...keep reminding my other family members to do it but doesn't work. I could have something blocking the stairs ...piled high and remind them a million times...each time they would JuMp right over it! xoxoxo


  4. This has been a rule at our house for years...great tip! It works! I did have one of those baskets that fits on your stairs, but now I just neatly lay everything on the stairs to be taken up. This tip and keeping a trash can near the door to drop in unwanted mail is what helps me with the clutter.
    Just looking at your pies I've gained 5 pounds!Vicki