Monday, January 31, 2011

The Creative Connection 2011!

The lovely and very talented founders, Nancy Soriano and Jo Packham! (that's me in the middle)

The Creative Connection Event
 is coming back to the Twin Cities this fall!
More specifically, St. Paul! My side of the river!
I am so delighted to once again be a part of this fabulous event.
It will be packed with so much goodness, including classes, panels and event meals.
Also added this year are more special little events led by all sorts of amazing bloggers,
a pitch slam forum to test out your ideas in front of a panel of experts,
and more food related guests and vendors. WOW!
Check out the new website, and be sure to sign up for the updates.
This way, you'll know when registration opens.
I'm expecting to see you there!

(unfortunately, I only have one guest room, so all y'all can't bunk with me,
but you might be able to come over for pie and coffee:)

I'm putting the button on my sidebar too, so you can always check in that way!


  1. Yahooooo....I would so like to be on your team this year...hope I get invited back. xoxoxoxo hugs for a great day to the dentist!!! phewy way to start my day.


  2. oh dear, I know how you feel about the dentist....sending hugs!

    Yes, please! We want you! mark it on your calender and book you tickets!

  3. Thank you for the post ... we have officially begun!
    Love you