Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello friends!

Oh, how I've missed you.
I had visions of welcoming you back with a whole new look.
I poke around and see all these cool sites
and think that I should make mine different or more like theirs.
But, you know what? I like the way I look. It's me.
(Did I ever tell you that my header background is the print from one of my favorite vintage quilts?)
In a fit of cleaning out, I sold the quilt
 (I know? What was I thinking, right?).
 So, I love seeing that print every day right here.

I did add and change a few sidebar geegaws for you.
First, a "Found it!" box that lets you search Pies and Aprons.....
need a custard pie recipe fast? Just type it in! Voila. Tips at your fingertips.

Next, some links to fun things I've been featured in...........found under "Hoopla!"

Lastly, I have a blog button now!

Well, sort of....there is a button there,
and there is a code to grab.
They're technically not in the same box, but it works.
(After many frustrated attempts to combine them,
this is what I ended up with, and I'm going with it for now...
my blog design skills are limited, but I'm learning.)
(Any tips will be appreciated:)

So-yes, the button! Please grab it, post it on your blog and share the linky love.

p.s. I also removed the code verification for comments....
making it easier for you, my dears, to leave comments!

Welcome back-so glad you're here!


  1. The new button is adorable! I love the Polaroid look.

  2. Thanks Marisa....picknik-my new best friend!

  3. Your back...oh how I have missed you!! Your blog tweeks are lovely......and I do love your banner glad you didn't change it.

    Happy Monday. oxoxo

  4. Welcome back, Christine! I missed you! I've just been enjoying all your wonderful new posts, working my way backward to here. I loved your tip about keeping clutter at bay. We've lived in our 2-story house for almost 33 years and I learned that one right away!