Thursday, February 24, 2011

Contain yourself.

I like containers of every variety.
Bunches of things tossed into a bowl or loaded into a jar make me happy.
If items are stowed away where I can't see them,
then I might forget about them.
Then they would be sad. Or stale. Or expired.
If they are tucked into a cute container,
then I can appreciate them everyday,
or put them to good use.
 Vocabulary cards on the coffee we can quiz each other over morning coffee.
 My favorite little cowboys and cowgirls.
(When I first put these out, S almost popped one in his mouth, thinking they were candy:)
 For impromptu craps games. ok. Not really.  I don't even know how to play craps.They just look cool.
 One of the most important utensils in my life....pie servers!
 Napkin rings that I've never used, but I like the way they look.
 Mints by the back door, in case I need to freshen up on the run.
 When I get home from the grocery store,
 I like to display my goods in pretty containers throughout the kitchen.
 A particularly fabulous green melamine bowl from a dear friend:)
 Bathroom staples are kept handy....bath salts, even though I've discovered that
our new bathtub is really too shallow for baths.......
............extra tealites in a super thrift store find...
...... and washcloths tucked into a vintage plastic planter.

How about you?
Are you nutty for bowls and baskets and jars too?
Do you display your stuff or stick it in a cupboard?


  1. I really love blue jars, all jars really. I love baskets but tend to be drawn more to glass for storage.

  2. This must be one of the reasons we click. It is physically impossible for me to go to a thrift store without bringing home some sort of container. I should do a post like this. :)

    Of course you have a pie server collection. Makes perfect sense! Oh, and I definitely need a banana bowl. Genius idea.

  3. Funny I was just in The Container Store and they have an eco shopping back w/ that saying on it. I was in a little organizer heaven at the time. Just fun to look! I like your milkglass containers!

  4. Sweet! Yes I love little containers so I can see everything while still being organized. Unfortunately we live on a gravel road and eventhough we keep the windows shut we still get tons of dust. So no sweet little open containers for me.

  5. container lovers unite! yes!

    shannon-blue glass jars are a total addiction for me
    marisa-actually resisted a couple of containers at a thrift store today-what?
    angela-i avoid the container store like crack
    alice...dust just adds to the patina right?

  6. Meet the NUT Queen of all Queens here my friend...I am a bowl freak...I sneak them home all the time...fill them up with everything and anything! Good to see there are a few of us types saving the homeless bowls! Hugs.xoxoxo