Thursday, February 9, 2012


I am crazy for some ombre.
And crazy for hearts this week.
Here is a quick project that combines them both.
Scrapbooking border strips are easy pre-made strips,
and come in lots of great colors.
Select your palette,
then map out a range of shades
to create your ombre line-up.
Whole strips will be used for the heart.
For the hanger, cut a single strip
into four lengthwise sections.
For the heart, fold a full strip
in half vertically.
Use a 1/4 strip for the hanger.
Loop it, and secure
with a glue dot or
double stick tape.
Curve the ends of the full strip
around to form a heart shape.
Insert the hanger
between the ends....
......and secure with staples.
I love these big chunky hearts.
They make me insanely happy.
(Hopefully they'll have the same effect on your Valentine.)
Line them up,
...or hang in a row.
So fun and festive!

Be Mine,


  1. Okay so these are the cutest ever! You did a great job! I totally pinned it right away! :) I jst found your blg through someone elses & really love looking through it! I'll be back!

  2. Thanks Marianne:)

    Welcome Libbie...
    so glad you found me,
    and thanks for pinning!

    Happy Valentines!