Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Special Delivery

What a treat
to receive an
unexpected package
from a fellow collector.
Sheila found my post
about collecting clothespins
and was sweet enough
to share a bit of her own collection.
Even the box
got into the act
with this dreamy photo
of clotheslines.
Here are a few of my favorites..
*nutcracker design
*mighty mites-small but packs a punch!
*a  lady's head-I have a few of these in my collection already, and I LOVE them!
*this color-need I say more?
*an odd paper clip-like design in blue and yellow
*really cool design featuring a metal ring-very sculptural

So many designs, colors and innovations
in such a tiny, everyday item.

Thank you, thank you
for sharing the
collector's love.

xoxo Christine


  1. How fun are all these clothespins! I love the vintage wooden clothespins, and love getting them at estate sales, or wherever I find them! Thanks for sharing! :) xo Heather

  2. Where would we be without them?I love your collection esp. the head pegs,we certainly haven't had the variety that you guys have over there.