Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday is PIE DAY!

Evenings at our family cabin mean bonfires and s'mores-a treat that I look forward to every single time.
Recently, Better Homes and Gardens did a s'mores story, featuring other s'mores inspired desserts.
There was a pie recipe, but it fell under my personal category of "Yeah, that's not really a pie." It has been in my head since to create a real (in my book) s'mores pie. Most importantly, I wanted to include an actual pastry crust. Memorial weekend seemed like the perfect time to do some experimenting with this idea.

Experiment is the correct word.
I've never baked a marshmallow before.
Turns out, you can't really bake a marshmallow.
It either explodes or disappears, leaving behind only a faint shiny glaze.
I should have anticipated the chemistry of it all.
Sugar, when heated, turns to a liquid.
Double duh.
It seemed like a good idea at the time.
Mini s'mores pies stuffed with marshmallows and chocolate.
Yes, please.
My cocktail shaker top is the perfect size for cutting the circles.
Which means I WAS NOT using the shaker
 for other things at the time.
Which means I cannot blame this recipe failure on drunkenness.
They looked adorable all loaded up with different combinations.
I melted some of the chocolate, did some in chunks,
and used 3 different kinds.
I also used both homemade orange marshmallows
 and the old classics off the grocery store shelf.
I told you-I was experimenting!
As I said, it was important to me to use a classic pastry pie crust.
So, to incorporate graham crackers,
I rolled crumbled cookies (are they a cookie or a cracker?)
 into the top crust.
See-still no alcohol in that shaker.
On the upside?
If you needed an impressive volcano pie,
say for a school project,
I've got you covered.

Um. Needless to say, I am not including a recipe with this post.
Never fear.
I've already rallied with a Plan B
and will be testing it out this weekend.
I am more determined than ever!
There will be s'mores pie!


  1. I bet they all taste good! Our family has a refrigerated pie- start with a graham cracker crust, the filling is melted marshmallows folded into whipped whipping cream, with chopped hershey bars folded in- it sets up nicely from the marshmallows. Sometimes we top it with maraschino cherries. It's my husband's grandmother's pie- we always have it for Christmas.

  2. Oh-I love it-pie and Christmas-two of my favorite things! I might have to try something similar for my Plan C if Plan B doesn't pan out.

    Happy Weekend Linda!

  3. If anyone can solve this one, it's you, Christine! Good luck!

  4. What a great idea for pie!! Can't wait to for your Plan B!! They still look good, and homemade orange marshmallows? Yum!! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!! xo Heather

  5. Happy Memorial Weekend...Thanks for the good luck wishes for Plan B..trying them out tomorrow:)

  6. Plan D could be Orange Marshmallows! :)