Monday, September 21, 2009

collecting: leaf coasters

We are having an unusually warm September here in Minnesota, making it challenging to get into the autumn decorating spirit quite yet.  I did, however, pull a very large stack of plastic leaf coasters out of a drawer yesterday.  I'm not sure of the origin of these silly things, but I have managed to collect quite a number of them over the years.  I love them for their simplicity, colors, shape and versatility.  They are also slightly whimsical, as I think plastic can never be taken too seriously. 

The yellows, greens and browns are a perfect autumn accent here and there........

and I love the bright red leaves against pale blue.

Sprinkling them around the house made me happy and spurred a few other simple ideas. 
They will make lovely place cards for my next dinner party.

A package adorned with vintage trim, gift tag and leaf is nearly as good as the gift inside!

Happy last day of summer......let the fall decorating begin!

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  1. Your wrapped packages are works of art! And I love those plastic leaves ...