Monday, September 7, 2009

labor of love

We have been hard at work all weekend trying to finish remodeling the outside of our house before winter, and the end is finally in sight.  The project started last summer as a segment for the DIY network show "Sweat Equity".  The two of us did the entire demo and remodel of two sides of the house in 7 weeks for the was like remodeling boot camp.  Every single spare moment that we had was spent working on the project, and we were definitely burned out by the time shooting was done.  So, this summer we started fresh, and have been finishing the other two sides of the house (in the show, it looks like we finished the entire secret!).  We are down to the final side, and I will be very excited when it is finished.  Aluminum siding was removed from the top half of the house, to be replaced with Hardie Board pre-colored shakes, and we will re-paint the wood trim and stucco.
This is what our lovely back entry looks like now.........I have been scraping paint, sanding, re-glazing windows and caulking so that all the trim will be ready to paint this week.
Steve has been hanging our new shake siding on the upper part of the house. 
Tomorrow, I will wash, patch and prime the stucco, and everything will be ready for painting-whew!
Here are the before and after photos of the front of the house. 
The Hardie Board shakes came pre-colored in Tuscan Gold
We used all Benjamin Moore Aura paint-fantastic product!  Low VOC, great coverage.
I selected colors from the Aura/Affinity color palette.
Stucco color is Etruscan/AF355
Trim color is Citrine/AF370
Sash color is Wasabi/AF430
If you would like to see our "Sweat Equity" segment, it is still on the air.....catch it at one of these times on the DIY network.
Tue, Sept 15 at 9:30 am east/8:30 am cent
Mon, Sept 21 at 7pm east/6 pm cent and 11pm east/10pm cent
Fri, Sept 25 at 12:30pm east/11:30pm cent
Happy LABOR Day!

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