Tuesday, October 13, 2009

bedroom makeover reveal!

Our bedroom makeover is finally complete just in time to snuggle up against our first dose of wintry weather.  I just checked back to the date of my "before" post, and much to my surprise, it was only a month ago.  As is always the case with projects, it seemed to me that it took a lot longer than a month.  It was definitely worth the time and extras, as I am delighted with the results.  
(a reminder of the before.)


The entry into the room is much more welcoming now.  I painted the metal radiator cover the same color as the walls to help it recede a bit and become less of a focal point.  Adding a small scale, clean-lined chair creates a cozy corner without overwhelming the size of the room, and gives us a place to put our socks on.  (This is a dining chair from Pier 1-they have a great selection of dining chairs right now that could be used in a variety of ways....)  The wall lamp was oddly placed and didn't really give light where we needed it, so we got rid of it and replaced it with the table lamp on top of the radiator.  The carpet was here when we bought the house, and it will go away in the spring when we refinish the floors. For now, I added one of my favorite throw rugs on top to disguise the carpet a bit, as well as add some color and an extra layer for the winter.

This corner gained some much needed color and interest from new window treatments and a dresser makeover.

Most importantly, the bed and surrounding area got a complete overhaul. I swapped out a more practical nightstand from the guest room, and gave both bedside tables a little DIY freshen-up.  My pair of vintage lamps got new life from a couple of $5 IKEA shades.  A mixture of new and old bedding compliments the new color palette, and I was able to use the striped coverlet in the guest room!   Finally, a row of framed wallpaper samples in matching frames creates a "headboard" above the bed.

In the next couple of days, I will share some of the DIY project details as well as some design "takeaway" tips that you can use in your own home.

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