Monday, October 12, 2009

collecting: vintage halloween paper and plastic

Paper Halloween decorations were produced in large quantities, but as you might guess, many did not survive due to their disposable and delicate nature.  Many were produced by the Beistle company, and you will often see their name printed on items.  I have a few treasured paper Halloween items from the 40's and 50's including this howling cat perched on an appropriately spooky mirror in my dining room.

Keeping him company are a sassy looking cat and witch-two of my favorites.  They have accordian crepe paper arms and bodies, and I feel lucky to have found them in such great condition.

This guy even comes with very specific directions for display and operation.

I really love that the witch is wearing these saucy fingerless fishnet gloves with her red fingernails.

The combination of paper elements with fold-out crepe paper makes for some super spooks!
Witch and cauldron.

Cat and bow-tie.

 Reproductions are abundant, so if you're concerned about having a genuine vintage item, do your research and buy from a reputable dealer.

A shelf on my front porch is all decked out for Halloween, ready to delight visitors and trick or treaters.

My parents and I came upon a large stash of these vintage Halloween party horns (in teapot on right end of shelf)-what a find!

I only have one of these paper nut cups with die cut decoration, so it always takes a prominent place in my holiday display.  Books with spooky titles or appropriate titles are a great way to beef up your displays.

Plastic Halloween candy containers are a sought after collectible.  I scored this pair at an auction a couple of years ago, and love the grinning jack-o-lantern face and whimsical heads poking out either side.

My witch candy container is displayed with various vintage plastic cupcake toppers.  I use colored decorating sugar in shot glasses to  hold the tiny collectibles.

The latest addition to my collection is this cat candy container......I found him on a shopping trip with my mother last week!  She already has one like it, so we didn't even have to fight over it.


  1. You have an amazing collection, Christine! What a great idea to have it displayed on your porch shelf!

  2. thanks! That shelf moves around and acts as my revolving display area....I like having the Halloween on the porch so it looks festive for trick or treaters. Are you into Halloween stuff as well?

  3. And! Congrats on becoming a grandma!