Wednesday, October 7, 2009

collecting: vintage halloween candles

My love of holidays has definitely been strongly influenced by my mother.  I love that she treats any and every occasion as an excuse to decorate, make some food and have a party.  Halloween is one of our favorites, and we both have collections to prove it.  Halloween collectibles have become highly sought after, and I don't have any of the really valuable items, but I have an assortment that I really love and am always on the hunt for a new treasure.

I, along with many other Halloween collectors, particularly love vintage Halloween candles.  Gurley was the leading manufacturer of these figural candles from about 1940 throught the 1960's, and many of my candles still retain the original Gurley label on the bottom.  Styles and sizes varied, but classic Halloween spooks dominate-witches, cats, ghosts, owls and pumpkins.

The small jack o'lantern men come with either a black hat or green hat and originally cost .19!
The large glow- through jack o' lantern was in mint condition when I bought it on a warm summer day.  Unfortunately, I left it in my trunk and it melted.  A lucky accident perhaps, as I think he looks particularly ghoulish now!

Another large pumpken, but this one has a carved face, rather than a hollow, glow-through face.
The pumpkin men with wizard hats all have a slightly different comical expression, and the black cats are two of my collection favorites.

A coven of witches gathers for Halloween night!

Another glow through pumkin, but this one escaped my steamy trunk, and remains in mint condition.
The ghost and haunted house with ghost date from the 1960's,

Last, but not least, a grinning pumpkin pyramid towers on the sideboard in my dining room.
I have a burning desire (pun intended) to light one of these and watch it glow from the inside, but I know that I will never do it. 

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