Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween candy bowl

I love this project because it is super easy, a little bit silly, and a little bit creepy.  It was all inspired by a pair of black latex work gloves that I picked up during my dollar store foray.

I stuffed the gloves with a combo of tissue paper (nice for the small finger spaces) and bubble wrap. 

After they were filled enough to look sufficiently realistic, I inserted a clothespin into the "V" between the inside thumb and forefinger of the glove. 

With a bit of manipulation and wiggling around of clothespin and stuffing, I was able to clip the glove onto the edge of my candy bowl.  (I selected my favorite vintage orange enamel Halloween bowl!)
After both gloves are attached, it appears that phantom hands are offering up the candy bowl.



  1. How clever ... love the way this looks, Christine!!!! It's boo-tiful ...

  2. I may have to do this with the kids! Cute idea!

  3. Thanks, Marianne!
    Cara-you should definitely do this with the kiddies-easy and minimal mess!