Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween tablescape

It's super easy (really) to put together an eerie tablescape for serving up a Halloween buffet.  Choose an appropriate color theme, then dig through your cupboards and closets to find display items and serving pieces.   Make it silly, make it scary, or a little bit of both, as I did.
I started out by using a $4 roll of black window screen as a table runner-it gives just the right amount of sheen and spookiness to my table.  Height is an important factor in creating interest, so I borrowed some black metal boxes from my desk area.  These serve as the base for a big white pumpkin balanced on a silver pedestal stand, a bowl of colorful gourds, and various creepy creatures.  A succulent plant and a bowl of green, poison? apples add a burst of Halloween green to the table, and taper candles and vintage cat cut-out complete the decorative element.  Critters sprinkled around the table, and amongst the food, elicit an occasional gasp from diners.

Mix up your serving pieces to introduce more color and height to the table.  Tiered servers and bowls layered on top of platters or trays add variety.

Glasses, tumblers or small buckets hold black licorice twists or breadsticks.

Treats can be kept simple with basic favorites in Halloween colors
 and clever combinations from the grocery store. 
Popcorn, blue corn chips and roasted pumpkin seeds are seasonal bests, or mix up peanuts in the shell with candy corn....

......or yogurt pretzels. (or go crazy and mix all of them together-whoa!)
A nest of spanish moss and a spider web adds some creep factor to this bowl of treats.

Hmmmm.....looks like I'm almost ready for Halloween-anyone want to come to a party?
Tomorrow I will add some home-baked treats to this tempting tableau.

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  1. You have lots of great ideas and your table is very attractive. Happy Halloween!