Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend DIY:framed wallpaper

My inspiration for this project was a fab 60's wallpaper sample book that I stumbled upon.  You saw them framed and hung as our headboard in our new bedroom.

There were so many great patterns, that I hung a series in the dining room as well.

And, a couple in the bathroom.

Sample books, new or vintage, a section of an extra roll that is lying around, or bits and scraps could all be used for this project.  Thrift stores or online sources are a good bet for finding vintage wallpaper rolls or sample books, or you could just pick up a roll of a desirable pattern at a home store.  Fabric samples are also a great thing to frame. 

Simply remove the paper frame insert (or use the back if there is no insert) and use this as a template.  Trace the outline in pencil on the back of your wallpaper, then carefully cut out.  Pop this into the frame, and voila, instant, one-of-a-kind art!

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