Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I can never resist picking up a box of jars at an auction.  They are the perfect thing for displaying and storing a myriad of items.  Somehow, nestling a grouping of a particular thing into a glass jar elevates its status as an object-suddenly it is on display.

a jar of white letters in my living room.

In every house or apartment that I have called home, one constant has been my dry goods and pantry items in blue mason jars.  Sometimes I think that I spend way too much time transferring my groceries from package to jar, but it makes me happy to see them all lined up and ready for action.

Baking staples also get stashed in handy glass jars on the kitchen counter.

My desk and studio space are loaded with more jars filled with office supplies and crafting odd and ends.  This keeps everything neatly corraled as eye candy, but in plain sight, so I know right where something is when I need it.

Even my daily dose of H20 gets stored in a blue jar!


  1. You have a knack for making the most mundane things appealing and interesting! I love your use of jars for storage and for showcasing some of your treasures!!!