Thursday, November 12, 2009

collecting: legwarmers

Legwarmers are the perfect addition to any cool climate dwelling fashionistas wardrobe.  My love of them was sparked by a combination of fashion-a penchant for mixing lots of layers, patterns and textures, and function-a habit of wearing skirts in the winter-brrrr.

For a long time, it was fairly easy to find them at thrift stores, and I amassed quite a collection this way.

These wool gems from the early 1940's are two of my favorites, as evidenced by the tattered edges.


I am particularly fond of stripes and bold patterns, but it's nice to have a selection of solid colors on hand, as well, to mix with patterned tights and knee highs.  My winter survival mode is to layer cuddle duds, wool knee highs or tights, and legwarmers under a skirt-keeps a girl toasty and looking good!

They also add a punch to rolled up jeans......

............or you can doll them up with jewels.

Legwarmers are definitely back in favor right now, which seems to have dried up the second hand availability.  Fortunately, I've seen lots of fun, inexpensive pairs at Walmart and Target et al recently, so run out and pick up a couple pairs to liven up your winter wardrobe!


  1. I am so uncool. I have never worn a leg warmer in my entire life. Not even in their 1980s heyday! You look cute in them!

  2. you are so cool, Cara! you're the one who befriended me based on my keen fashion sense (esprit brought us together!).

  3. I still have my pink esprit sweatshirt, my psychedelic esprit belt, and my multi-color esprit scarf!

  4. see-that absolutely proves that you are cool;)