Wednesday, January 20, 2010

collecting: Frankoma pottery

I can't remember when or where I bought my first piece of Frankoma pottery.  In general, I collect quite a bit of pottery, but the colors, glazes and organic shapes of Frankoma particularly appeal to me.  The muted browns, greens and pure whites are a perfect foil for my usual bright palette.  

Production of Frankoma pottery began in the early 1930's and continued until 2004.  You can read more about the history of Frankoma pottery here.  I recently thinned out my collection a bit, so here are the pieces that made the cut.

The white pieces are so beautifully clean and pure.  The crescent moon pedestal piece
in the front really holds my affection.

This large white vase was one of my earlier pieces......

.....and the only one of mine that still retains its original label.

The color and shape of this one make for a killer combo.

...another unique shape

The line-up.  This shows the most common glazes.

This one reminds me of a coconut. (hmmm....I thought that I had two of these...)

You can find some deviation from the usual earth tone.  I have heard several people remark on
 "that ugly yellow Frankoma", but I really dig the color. 

I once saw a very large set of Frankoma dishes, and I still sort of regret not buying it.  I just try to tell
myself that if was waaaaaay overpriced, and that makes me feel better.  Actually, I don't recall the price, but I'm assuming I would have bought it if it had been a great deal-right?  Possibly it was the dozen or so other sets of dishes in my cupboard that held me back.......


  1. I have always liked the color of the yellow Frankoma, too! I've never seen the white before! The coconut looking one is also interesting!

  2. Your affection couldn't fit in the crescent moon pedestal piece.

  3. Linda-I haven't seen a yellow piece for awhile-I think it is getting to be time to add a new one to the collection. I wonder how much of the yellow they produced?

    and Lisa, that is making me smiley & teary-eyed.........