Thursday, January 28, 2010

What I'm Reading: Part 2

I think that I have read every home decorating book that our library carries, but I did find a couple of new titles related to green home issues and home keeping. 

The first one is "The Mom's Guide to Growing Your Family Green" by Terra Wellington.  Now, I am not a mother, so this may seem like an odd choice, but it really is a great book for anyone, not just moms, looking to pick up some more green tips.  It's loaded with practical baby steps for greening every part of your home and life. 

I was very excited to find Country Living's latest publication "Simple Country Wisdom", and even more excited to see that they used my pie photo-yup!-on the kitchen chapter title page.  Once Country Living does a shoot, they own the photos and will often reuse them, so I see one of our farm photos pop up once in awhile.  This one shows me in my plaid shirt and polka dot apron holding the apple cranberry pie that I made for the shoot-details only I would know.....
The book is full of home keeping and design tips for every section of your home.  I wouldn't exactly call it simple country wisdom, and it gets a little preachy at times, but generally some good information.

I picked up four fiction titles on this last library trip, and I highly recommend "Americans In Space" by Mary E. Mitchell.  It's an in your face look at a woman on the verge, teenage angst and family dynamics.  I read it in record time because I just couldn't set it down.  "While I'm Falling" by Laura Moriarty is the third title of hers that I have read, and I felt it to be the least strong.  It was still a decent, light fiction read about a mother and daughter relationship.  The other two ficiton books didn't keep my interest past page 10 or so.  I used to obligingly struggle through any book that I began, but have learned that I can just give it up and no one is going to turn me in for not finishing what I started.

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