Wednesday, January 27, 2010

collecting: vintage valentine candy boxes

Over the weekend, I started getting out my Valentine goodies.  Winnowing down my collections last year really makes it a pleasure to display them.  I know that every piece I pull out is one that I really really love.  I narrowed my candy box collection down to just a few favorites.
A classic in color and theme, but just the teensiest bit racy... the lead-up to their kiss.

Another couple, but much more reserved (at least for now).
I like the whole package here-pink, a little lace, embossed gold design and lettering, and that off center bow.

Another classic combo, but a little more modern in design.

The giver or recipient kindly wrote the year onto the calender, so I can easily date this box.

Of course I love this one the most with its flower power graphics, nontraditional colors and big plastic rose.
This is how I want my candy to arrive.

To make sure this year's valentines are knocked off their feet, I'll be sending along more
 Valentine's Day projects and ideas in the next couple of weeks.


  1. Great collection! I especially love the one with the calendar- so graphic! FUN!!

  2. Thanks Linda-they are fun, aren't they!