Thursday, February 25, 2010

Collecting: More Pin-ups

Our bedroom at the farm was a bit on the feminine side-lots of pastels and purses and pin-ups-no ruffles, but still, my hubby was always a good sport about it.  A friend of ours was getting the house tour one day, and he leaned over and remarked to Steve, "It sure is nice that Christine lets you have all these girlie pictures (meaning pin-ups, not flowers) up."  To which Steve replied, "Oh no-those are all hers."  Not that he doesn't like them as well, I'm sure.....

Since I gave you a bit of a teaser this week, I thought that I would show you a little more of the collection.
A couple of classic Brown and Bigelow (a St. Paul company) business ads/calenders,
plus a piston rings advertisement. 
This bathing beauty gives "inside information" about Jantzen beach to World's Fair visitors.
Every bar must have had a few of these ashtrays scattered around-
some say "compliments of",
and some say "stolen from".
These are not technically pin-ups I guess, but I love these old bra boxes.  I got them at a garage sale in an old shed way out in the country.  It was one of those times that I saw the sign, slammed on the brakes and turned off the highway.  I almost gave up after miles of gravel road and no yard sale in sight,
but I'm so happy that I persevered.   I seem to recall that they were a quarter each.
This old mirror is full of dings and scratches and peeling foil, just the way I like them.
Plus it has the added bonus of this fabulous pin-up decal.
I won't use this venue to discuss feminist history and the role that these
kind of advertisements may have played in that history. 
I'll save that for another blog.
They're fun, they're sassy, and they are a bit of our history.
They evoke more glamour than sex to me,
and I think they add just the right amount of spice to a dressing room.

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