Thursday, March 11, 2010

Collecting: Easter cupcake toppers

Easter is early this year, only a few weeks away now, and it struck me that I had not even thought about digging out my Easter decorations.   It's dark and rainy today (I heard the first thunder of the spring this morning!), so it seemed like a perfect time to dig out some cheerful decorations. 

Vintage cupcake toppers always catch my eye, and I like them because they have a big impact in a very small package.  Creativity has to come into play when displaying them, and I always like to group them together for even more impact.  I discovered some handcrafted eggs in my stash that seemed like a perfect display solution.
The pick part of the cupcake topper threads easily through the open gaps and this holds the topper upright.
This blue bird got an egg of his own, but plastic and paper bunnies snuggle up in multiples on other eggs.
I then gathered all of the eggs together into one vintage basket. 
Styrofoam eggs wrapped in vintage fabric or ribbon would also be a good display option.  Once the eggs are covered, simply stick topper into styrofoam and nestle eggs into a basket.


  1. Christine, this is unbelievably cute! Brought a smile to my face!

  2. glad to hear it! we need smiles on this gloomy day.

  3. love the basket you piled your collection into:)