Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Creative Connection Event

The Creative Connection is a 3 day conference and market showcasing talented women in every venue-from women entrepreneurs to artists to bloggers.  It is sure to be the event of the year and a unique chance to mingle with creative women and share ideas and inspiration.  The fact that this is happening on the same weekend as Ki Nassauer's JunkBonanza, and right in my backyard (yay-Twin Cities!), leaves me breathless.  So much talent, information, and, oh yes, shopping to pack into one weekend.  Whew. 

The Creative Connection is the creation of Nancy Soriano, lifestyle expert, women entrepreneur champion and former editor-in-chief of Country Living magazine, and Jo Packham of Where Women Create, and owner of Chapelle Ltd. publishing.  They have pooled their talents and visions to come up with this incredible event that features daily hands-on classes, entrepreneurial panels, a handmade market to shop, a social media smart bar and daily special events.  I'll say it again-whew.

Their website is up and running, so hop on over and check out all the details, then register for a daytripper or the 3 day weekender pass (which includes free admission to the JunkBonanza!).  I'm sure to see you all there.


  1. Doubt I could make that a kid I grew up in North Dakota..then moved to Minnesota for about 2 years~Bloomington.

    I have ben in Ca since I was 12...loved the snow but I sure do not miss the cold and ice.

    One day..I would love to go back and visit~Sheri

  2. Sheri...I grew up here in Minnesota, but I may be ready to join you in California. I think that I've had enough Minnesota winters!