Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Organizing: A peek inside my drawers

If you have one particular thing that happens a lot in your kitchen-oatmeal for breakfast every day or school lunch packing or cookie making-its a good idea to dedicate a drawer or bin to that particular activity.  In my case, you guessed it, it's pie baking.  I keep all my pie baking essentials in one drawer so they are always organized and at the ready. 
my favorite rolling pin
candy thermometer
pastry cutters
large board scraper
my new hand mandoline (thank you lisa!)
microplane (thank you bruce!)
pastry brushes
mini silicone spatulas (thank you dollar store!)

When everything is always just where you need it, it limits kitchen frustration and increases joy.  This drawer suits my needs, but if you do have oatmeal for breakfast every day, pick up a pretty tray and load it with a jars of oats, dried fruit and maple syrup.  Lunch staples and containers are easy to access when corraled into one bin in your pantry.  Really take a look at how your kitchen functions, then adapt and organize to your specific needs.

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