Thursday, April 22, 2010

Collecting: A peek inside my drawers

Mmmmmm.....a drawer full of colorful plastic fun.
This one holds lots of party serving ware like the leaf plates
and a stack of melamine "butt bowls", as I call them.....
but the real gems are these little party favor or bridge snack trays.
They have a coaster half for your drink to rest on,
and a snack half for your mixed nuts or party mints!
Really, how have you lived without a few of these?
Aren't they darling?
The colors and flower motif found in this style make me swoon.
I used these at my sister's birthday party recently to hold a cupcake and jelly bean combo!
Use them for centerpieces, patio parties, table settings or cocktail parties,
or put one to work holding office supplies.


  1. I love peeking inside your drawers ~ does that sound funny?! At any rate, the cupcake and jellybean combo is brilliant (lucky sis)! Love the office supply idea as well.

  2. BTW ~ love the blog changes:)

  3. Peek away....I had a friend mention that I offered a peek inside my drawers to look at my butt bowls;) oh my!

  4. Love your new look of your blog. I also love ALL of your collections.. toooooo cute! thanks for sharing with me...and all your blogger friends...

  5. Such fun items! Your blog looks great!!

  6. Thanks all! and thanks again for the advice, Linda!